“Letters” Anniversary + Giveaway

  Today officially makes one year since I released my poetry collection in 2017 titled “Letters: A Shout into the Abyss” My mind is blown just thinking about it so I have to declare it again...it has now been one year since my poetry collection debuted. One year ago I released a piece of my... Continue Reading →

Even Still

Small lounge. Pulls me onto his lap, one hand on my back, the other exploring my leg. I think of her and frown. Even still, I can't resist.   Cold air. Smiles and pulls me closer, lips on mine, hand now exploring other landmarks. He said they were never serious. Even still, I can't resist.... Continue Reading →

Ghana Man

Maybe this is what it's been leading up to: an initial shot, shot down a real introduction shot out another shot, shot four years into the future.   Tell me all the ways you're learning me. Explain all the reasons you didn't before. Like listening to music,   as I drift off to sleep.

Who But We?

Who but we shall alert the warriors? Who but we shall teach the elders? Who but we shall protect the children? Who but we shall provide the weapons? Who but we shall bury the Tamirs? Who but we shall continue the war? Who but we shall continue the sin of darker skin?

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