I walked into the den, the one usually reserved for guests, to find an unexpected sight: Ayo laying on our couch engrossed in an episode of Family Feud. She was still dressed in the ankara skirt and top she’d worn at my aunt’s Thanksgiving dinner. I thought she’d be wherever... Continue Reading →

Alice in Cloud City

Alice was impatient for her friend, Mary-Ellen's arrival as she sat in front f the kitchen window. It was a gloomy Saturday and dark clouds gathered. "It’s no wonder they look so angry. They’re fit to burst!" Alice said to herself (for she was a curious little girl and found it stimulating to talk to... Continue Reading →

Confusion in the Club

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my girlfriend. I loved Tasha’s ability to debate any topic, whether it was that the black woman is the most unprotected person in America or that Taylor Swift is like the greatest songwriter of our generation, all in the same breath. Her eyes were brown like the color of... Continue Reading →

Avalon and the Avian Attraction

The finch who'd just landed on the tree outside my window introduced himself as DeSean and explained that he’d just flown in from Chicago. His wife had stayed behind with their two hatchlings but he was visiting family here in Melleville. “Shoulda heard the way Mama was going on about Uncle Jackson’s broken wing, Miss.... Continue Reading →

Damien Adeola Johnson

Mary-Ann was nine years old when she’d met him. She remembered because that was also the day she’d began attending East Elementary School. That very morning, she spent twenty minutes hiding from her mom because maybe if she hid long enough, her mom would give in and let her return to her old school. She... Continue Reading →


Act 1 (Curtain rises. A man in 3-piece suit and top hat. Tall in stature. Down stage left.)   Man (walking towards stage right): Why did that not occur to me? It was a perfectly logical solution, yet I didn’t think of it. She was perfectly right, yes….(now at center stage, throws arms up suddenly)... Continue Reading →

A Game of Pride

The room was cluttered. Bookshelves brimming and bursting with children’s art supplies leaned wearily against off-white walls. It was as if at any moment they’d tumble all over themselves, unable to hold the weight of one more crayon. The wooden tables squatted in the middle of the room and chairs seemed to have been flung... Continue Reading →

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